What Is the Students Supporting Israel Club?

Students Supporting Israel is a department that deals with various issues of repatriation and integration of repatriate students. The purpose of this department is to encourage young people living in different countries of the world to repatriate to Israel. The organization helps them get an education and successfully integrate into Israeli society. So that they choose Israel as the center of their future life.

Statistics of Students Supporting Israel Club

Every year, with the support of the Office, about 5 thousand repatriate students from all over the world study in Israel. So during its operation, the Office provided assistance to 127,800 students. It includes 100,000 students for a bachelor’s degree and 15,000 for a master’s degree. It is in accordance with the following geographical distribution: 

  • about 60% from the former USSR and Eastern Europe; 
  • 16.5% from Asia and Africa; 
  • about 9% from Western Europe; 
  • 7.6% from the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Oceania (Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia); 
  • 7.2% from Latin America; 
  • 15% from Ethiopia and other countries.

The Students Supporting Israel operates in three main areas. Assistance in preparing for repatriation, counseling, and orientation – for those who are already in Israel. As well as for those who have not yet immigrated to Israel and are in the country of origin. 

They receive information about possible options for studying in Israel and the conditions of registration and admission. Besides, participate in special preparation programs for training in universities and colleges, and receive advice to help them choose a specialty.

Main points of assistance

The support system during the period of study includes measures for integration into higher education structures and into Israeli society. Individual accompaniment by experienced instructor-counselors on academic campuses, in religious educational institutions for boys and girls.

There are also programs helping to integrate into Israeli society and acquaintance with Israeli culture; escorting social workers. It includes personal conversations, constant accompaniment, 10 meetings with a psychologist. Besides, establishing contacts with organizations that provide financial assistance, assistance in studies (private lessons, etc.)

The association is granting scholarships while studying for an academic degree. They provide financial aid and monthly scholarships for students with special needs.

Academic preparation programs

Preparatory departments for the admission of repatriates to universities are intended for young people. It is suitable for graduated from high school in the country of origin. Especially in those countries where the maturity certificate does not correspond to the Israeli one.

  • There are two sets per year, starting in September / October and January / February.
  • The registration fee for a student is 220 shekels.
  • Repatriates who are over 30 years old will be able to participate in the program only by the decision of a special commission for exceptional cases.
  • Funding for the above programs for those who have served in the Israel Defense Forces is provided by the Ministry of Defense.

A prerequisite for participation in the program is a basic knowledge of Hebrew (certificate of completion of the Ulpan level A). Besides, permission from the Office of Repatriate Students.